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Neeraja Group    About Us
Motivation to provide quality & quantity with a vast experience in the Construction Industry, Neeraja Builders started off in the year 2002, provides people wanting to realise the dreams of owning a house with all amenities that is most required in making a home worthwhile living in.

Every project at Neeraja is treated with utmost importance ensuring that all customers are satisfied not only by the speed of work but also by the quality of work. It is this quality of Neeraja that has enabled a lot of customers wanting more from Neeraja.

Everyone at Neeraja is a professional who has vast experience in different industries ensuring all ends are met. Our projects are chosen not only for the demand but mainly for the comfort. All the pleasures of "Coming Back Home" is well taken care at Neeraja.

Neeraja stands against all tides for its commitments on Quality, Punctuality, Professionalism and Affordability which clearly sets Neeraja well away from its competitors. Neeraja also takes into account the importance of technology and implements it wherever required enabling its customers and itself stay on